Interesting regions of Russia: colorful Kolomna in the Moscow region
From Altai to Yakutia: 5 regions of Russia to love home travel
The most interesting regions of Russia from this selection have absorbed everything for which we
Monument to the heroes of the front and rear
What attractions can a tourist see in Perm?
Perm, founded in 1781, quickly became a major logistics, industrial, commercial and cultural center
Simferopol: information about the city and the best attractions
In the center of the Crimean peninsula, near the Salgir River, lies the city of Simferopol. This is a picturesque place with
BIG STONE. The universal mystery of the Kamensky region. Gusev farm.
Project on the topic: “From the history of Kamensk - Shakhtinsky” Project on the topic: “From the history of Kamensk
At the top of the vacation - 7 days in the mountains of the Caucasian Mineral Waters
You can accomplish a lot in a week! Every day - a new peak, a conquered volcano, amazing
Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
Monuments of History and Culture of the Novosibirsk Region
In the southeast of the West Siberian Plain there is an amazing and picturesque region. His past is covered in legends and
Monument to the Founders
What to see in Chelyabinsk: city guide
The main attractions of Chelyabinsk: TOP-5 The city carefully treats historical and cultural monuments acquired
11 places in Krasnoyarsk that were the city's main attractions a hundred years ago
Railway Bridge In 1900, the Railway Bridge across the Yenisei was only a year old, but the main
Historical and cultural, Surgut
Research work “Sights of the city of Surgut. Monuments."
Historical and cultural Just 2 km from the central part of the city there is an amazing place. Travelers will see
The main attractions of Kislovodsk: photos with descriptions and addresses
Excursions in Kislovodsk | Housing in Kislovodsk | Tourist bases of Kislovodsk | Rent a car Kislovodsk,
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